Sunmaster Hobby 600watt Variable Digital Grow Light Ballast

Sunmaster Hobby 600watt Variable Digital Grow Light Ballast

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The Sunmaster Hobby 600w Ballast offers the gardener the flexibility to power 250W-600W HPS and Metal Halide lamps with just one ballast. The ballast has four power modes including +Power to boost your 600W HPS lamp by 10% during flowering/fruiting for higher yielding results.

The Sunmaster Hobby Ballast is extremely efficient, powering lamps at their optimum for maximum grow light output (PAR), extending lamp life, eliminating lamp flickering and giving fast lamp re-strike.

* PLEASE NOTE: We do not recommend dimming a 600w lamp down to the lower settings! Always switch off your light, wait for your lamp to cool, remove and replace with one that matches the chosen dimmed wattage setting. This is due to the loss of PAR (Plant Useable) light output when lamps are run at lower wattages. For example, dimming a 600w lamp to 400w would be use 33% less power but would lose 50% of it's specified PAR output.

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