Maxibright Compact Mk3 600watt Grow Light Ballast

Maxibright Compact Mk3 600watt Grow Light Ballast

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The Maxibright Compact range of Compact grow light ballast's are completely silent, totally reliable and excellent value for money. Maxibright Compact ballast's from UK manufacturer Maxigrow are built using Venture control gear. Sealed in resin, they have all of the features you have come to expect from a top end ballast including silent running, thermally protected ballast, electronic SMART timed ignitor and double earth insulation. *PLEASE NOTE: The PRO 600w Compact ballast is although a little more expensive than the 600w Mk2 that other stores supply, it is far more reliable as the 600w Mk2 is prone to heat failure in some cases. This stated difference is only relevant to the 600w Compact Ballast.

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