LUMii Tima 600w or 400w HPS MH Ballast Timer Grow Light Silent Cool Running Hydroponics - 12m Warranty (600w)

LUMii Tima 600w or 400w HPS MH Ballast Timer Grow Light Silent Cool Running Hydroponics - 12m Warranty (600w)

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Please Select which size you require above No timer or contactor needed!! - simply a press the button when you want the time cycle to begin! More light output per watt of energy consumed Lumii compacta Tima 18/12 Magnetic Ballast with built in "digital timer" The first magnetic power pack ballast with built in digital lighting timer, it has 3 settings, for Veg and bloom stages Vegetative growth ( 18 hours on 6 off for veg) Flowerring sages ( 12 on 12 off ) and also permanently on All lumii compacts units have digital ignition that is timed and intelligent monitors your lamp. It will not ignite old lamps that have a danger of overloading. Runs all new hps and Mh Lamps Lumii true power means that your 600w lamp gves you a tru 600w of power, some inferior ballasts use less internal winding delivering less power and there for less lamp output. Cool and silent running the compacta lumis has the most windings on the market, although this costs more to produce it means the unit will run coller and more efficently offreing a hight output wall mountable with anti assoustic resonance feet. The new 600 watt LUMii® has the same great component quality and high light output that you would expect from a LUMii® professional horticultural lighting product, with the added benefit of a fully enclosed and potted case, offering IP34. As with all LUMii® ballasts, you are able to get the true spectral output that your plants need. Many ballasts on the market are underpowered to save money, but not LUMii®! Injection-moulded case in fire resistant glass filled Nylon Can be wall mounted or used horizontally or vertically Silent and cool running Electronic intelligent timed ignitor Fitted with IEC connector cord and UK mains lead Will fire your lamp up to 15m from your ballast 12 month guarantee

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