Lumatek 600w Watt Digital Dimmable Ballast For Grow Light Hydroponics

Lumatek 600w Watt Digital Dimmable Ballast For Grow Light Hydroponics

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Leading the way in Digital Ballast, the Lumatek has gone Dimmable. With the capability to harden off young plants without wasting electricity is the big advantage of Dimmable Ballasts. Lumatek Dimmable Digital Ballasts are a great choice of lighting for your hydroponics garden, offering much more control with your light from one ballast. These ballasts produces up to 30% more light output (lumens) than standard core and coil (magnetic) ballasts while drawing less electricity. Test data has shown that a Lumatek 600 watt ballast produces only 5% less usable light than a 1000 watt "core and coil" ballast. Digitals do not degrade and will maintain their efficiency throughout their entire life. Over time magnetics become louder, produce less light, emit more heat and use more electricity. All System Cord Set (required) sold separately. Lumatek dimmable digital ballasts have four settings to control the light output from the ballast, 360w, 400w and 600w settings for MH and HPS lamps and also a super lumen switch which can only be used with an HPS lamp. We also recommend using a 400w MH lamp with the 400w setting on the ballast for growing your plants and then change your lamp to a 600w HPS and the setting to 600w for flowering or fruiting your plants. The super lumen switch can also be used in the last few weeks to help boost your plants. This is fully adjustable digital ballast from lumatek available in: 250w, 400w and 600w

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